Ayurvedic Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shamanic Healing

Ayurvedic Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shamanic Healing - Linden Botanicals

We travel the globe to find the healthiest Ayurvedic herbs, Peruvian and Greek teas, and Chinese extracts.

Linden Botanicals only sells teas that repair the body’s systems. Where the plants come from and when they’re picked all make a difference. We always want to be sure we (and our customers) are getting the plants that are the best quality of their type.

For example, Phyllanthus niruri (Chanca Piedra) comes from the Amazon in Peru, Cistanche tubulosa is found in Mongolia. Terminalia chebula is from a tree in India. As with grapes, the terroir matters for their phytochemical value.

We start by visiting the countries and growers for teas we are interested in sourcing. We’ve traveled to China, India, Peru, Morocco, Greece, and many other countries in search of the teas that can help people optimize their health.

We spend time in tea factories and in tea fields. In Peru, we explored the Amazon jungles to find Phyllanthus niruri, the healthiest and most popular tea we sell. In the Indian village of Koyilandy, we went out into the fields in search of Ayurvedic herbs. We met Hindu and Muslim women who have invested limited resources and boundless energy to start a thriving fruit and vegetable co-op. They are supporting their families, improving their social standing in the male-dominated society, and gaining financial independence. They are building a future one day at a time, and, as we saw firsthand, they’re doing it together.

Morocco is a good example of our sourcing philosophy. We went with an open mind to learn from local traditions. What we learned has convinced us to add Argan oil to our tea store in the future. It has a nutty flavor and can be used as a carrier oil for other herbs (a very different use from the hair products you may be familiar with). The trip was amazing. The people were all so friendly and inviting, the riads lively and exciting. Plus we got to ride camels into the dunes of the Sahara Desert, drink Moroccan mint tea, camp in the desert, and see the Milky Way without city light pollution.

Ultimately, of course, our aim to get to know the people collecting and drying the plants. Having tea with growers is a great way to get to know them. At every stage, we want to be sure that the process is fair for everyone involved in growing and sourcing the plants and that every plant is organic and processed in FDA-certified facilities. Some companies pay workers a fraction of a penny, so meeting with the entire supply chain helps ensure workers are getting fair wages.

We strive to be conscious of the whole process while providing valuable information about the teas and extracts we sell and their potential benefits. Our purpose and our passion are to help you optimize your health.